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Background Check: Protect Your Investment

We work with landlords, employers and businesses who are looking to protect their investments, increase their long term revenue while meeting compliance requirements. With over 30 years of combined industry experience, Inforex Background Check has helped its clients to find the right applicants quickly, lower their overall risk and increase their long term revenue with thorough and detailed background checks.

It only takes 10 Minutes

With this quick evaluation we will look at your current challenges and see if there are any areas where we can help you. In as little as 10 minutes we can figure out if Inforex Background Check is a good fit for you.

Simple 3-Step Background Check Process

Inforex Background Check Online Application

1. Online Application

Online applications save you time, increase applicant flow, and raise your business to a new standard in today’s competitive market.

Background Screening Services - Inforex Background Check

2. Background Check

Reliable background check with credit report, criminal history and public records will discover and qualify your best applicants quickly.

Lease Documents Inforex

3. Online Documents

Electronic documents can be sent, stored and signed anytime and anywhere with a click of your mouse or a tap on your mobile device.

Inforex Background Check will help you enrich your busines with the most competent hires, qualified tenants and credible investment partnerships with Inforex’s online application, electronic documents and e-signatures that are environmentally friendly and are free to you and your applicants.

Nationwide Background Screening Solutions

Whether you are a big corporation, a property management company, an investor or a business owner we have background check solutions that suit your industry’s unique needs.

Tenant Background Check

New laws, regulations and frequently moving tenants pose a daily challenge for landlords to keep up with updated background checks. Inforex tenant screening solutions give you the insight and tools to make an informed decision. With several pieces of the report returned instantly, including credit check and criminal records search, you can communicate with your applicant with certainty and in a timely manner.

Employment Background Check

Our pre-employment screening equips employers with quick and accurate background screening information, which allows for an efficient application processing and easy selection of the best fitting employees. Inforex background check helps you make informed hiring decisions by providing objective and factual reports on applicants. Accurate employment history, criminal records and drug testing are a key to analyze future employees, improve internal processes and meet regulatory requirements.

Business Background Check

Inforex partners with the most trusted data provider in the industry to empower you with confident decisions and unquestionable reputation. Background screening and credit profile reports for businesses produce an extensive insight into a company’s financial stability as well as actual trade payment experiences, public records, and prognosis of future payment pattern. Inforex has the products you need to help you assess the risk associated with your future business partners.

How Inforex is Different

We provide our clients with top of the line background check technology, world class support and service. You can expect the quickest turnaround times, unmatched customer service, and the most reliable and accurate information available in background screening.

I would recommend Inforex Background Check Solutions because it has worked for me in more ways than one. It has taken my company to the next level and exceeded set expectations. I believe, any business that requires thorough and detailed background screening, online lease agreement and many other utilized forms, can be a part of the Inforex family with their outstanding and consistent customer support. Mike English

President, English & Associates, LLC | Los Angeles, CA

Limited Online Background Check Offer

Free Online Application with your Background Screening Report

For a limited time only, Inforex is offering a Free Rental, Employment and Lending Online Application when you screen with us.
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