Background Check – Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Background Check?
A background check is the process of looking up someone’s criminal, financial, personal, and/or professional records. Background checks are mostly used by employers, landlords, schools, law enforcement, gun retailers, and nonprofit organizations.
What does a typical background check consist of?
It varies depending on your industry and the specific requirements of the job/tenantcy. For example, will the candidate be handling cash transactions or managing cash assets? The typical background check is meant to verify whether or not the applicant is being truthful about not/having a criminal record, their education and employment history. Criminal record searches and reference checks are the most common background checks, though Inforex Background Checks highly recommends these common checks with Social Security Number Traces as well as credit history checks.
How can I make sure my background checks are legal?
At Inforex Background Checks, compliance is our expertise. Our background checks comply with federal and state background screening laws, and our compliance team stays on top of each state’s current legislative and regulatory changes. Inforex Background Checks’ automated screening technology also applies relevant content filters based on the state and federal laws.
Do I need to get permission to order a background check?
YES, you do. If you want to order and review any kind of background check in order to determine somebody’s eligibility for employment or residency you need to ask their permission.
Is there a setup or monthly fee when I use your service?
No, all charges are per search. There will never be any hidden fees while using Inforex Background Checks’ services.
What information is required for an accurate, thorough background check?

Three things:

  1. First Name and Last Name, correctly spelled;
  2. Date of Birth;
  3. Social Security Number (SSN).
What is The Work Number?
The Work Number is a pay-per-use service which employers contract to provide employment information. There is an additional charge if we must contact The Work Number to complete your applicant’s employment verification.
Whom should I screen?
Screen EVERYONE over the age of 18 and screen consistently. If parents with children rent your unit and the child will turn 18 within the lease period, be sure to get an application on that child also. If you ever need to evict or collect from those tenants, it will be much easier and safer to have as many adults as possible named on the action.

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