Business Background Check

Inforex Business Screening partners with the most trusted data providers in the industry to give you the confidence and tools to make empowered decisions and maintain your positive reputation.

Business Background Check

Inforex Business Screening partners with the most trusted data providers in the industry to give you the confidence and tools to make empowered decisions and maintain your positive reputation.
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Receive Exceptional Insight

Minimize Overall Risk

Reduce Manual Processing

Improve Decision Making

  • Visibility beyond traditional credit risk tools — Expanded view of a business owner’s or principal’s risks.
  • Reduce risk and optimize performance — Identify applicants who have patterns of poor management performance.
  • Commercial fraud prevention — Verify that the person applying for credit is affiliated with the business.

Business Owner

An accurate customer risk assessment will give you insite and visibility into business owner’s and principal’s finances and performance. For business-to-consumer companies, Inforex Background Check offers consumer credit information, comprehensive background checks and application decision tools to evaluate risk associated with customer acquisition.


For companies looking to acquire business customers, our business screening reports, public records and risk management tools allow clients to create comprehensive profiles of business prospects. See which companies are well-capitalized and financially suited for customer acquisition.


Uncover comprehensive information about prospective business clients

  • Are they who they say they are?
  • Is this a legitimate entity — or a fraud risk?
  • Are there other risk factors that require additional investigation?


Understand and analyze potential threats to your business

  • Is the potential customer/partner connected to criminal activity or sanctioned?
  • Have executives been associated with negative news?
  • Judgements or court filings that could indicate financial or reputational risk?
  • Are there assets, property or other low-risk indicators?

Inforex is committed to help you achieve your business goals with the right background check solutions.

  • Exceptional Customer Service
  • Quick Turnaround Time
  • Customizable Reports
  • Reliable and Accurate Information
  • Educated Approach
  • User Friendly Platform

Business Risk Management

Mitigate losses in your consumer and commercial account portfolios