Talent Acquisition Software

All-in-one Recruiting Applicant Tracking System



Customize required hiring forms, terms, hiring steps, reporting and more

Cost Effective

Feature for feature we give you more so you can do more at a lower cost


Tools that make it easier to manage, track and identify the best of the best

Welcome to the future of Talent Acquisition Software

Best-in-class SaaS solutions within a unified platform and a customer experience second-to-none

  • One-click integration with your HRIS and screening system
  • Advanced talent recruitment + acquisition
  • Mobile ready for today’s candidates
  • 90-second customizable Video Interviewing
  • Instant Job Alerts sent to your standby talent pool
  • FCRA-Compliant Background Screening
  • Automated screening, data parsing, candidate scoring, selection and distribution
  • Dashboards for quick, intuitive view of new applicants, reports and open jobs
  • Auto-distribution of qualified applications to your company’s team
  • Easy Onboarding

Video Interviews

Replace the time-consuming process of scheduling and conducting the initial candidate phone interview, which can take 20-30 minutes per applicant or more, with a 90 second video interview. Unlike many other Applicant Tracking Solution providers who outsource video interviewing to a vendor and provide it as an add on at additional cost, our video interviewing solution is our own, and is included in your subscription.

To Make Your On-Boarding Experience Seamless:

Inforex’s platforms integrate with leading HR tools and applicant tracking system (ATS) technology, meaning you can hire faster, better, and easier.

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