Tenant Background Screening

From the moment your rental property is ready for a new tenant to signing the rental lease, Inforex Background Check has the needed tools for your tenant background check, rental application and lease agreement to make the rental process simple, fast and reliable.

Stop guessing and find out what you don’t know with Inforex Tenant Screening Tools

Have you ever wondered or asked these questions when screening a tenant:

  • Will this tenant pay rent on time?
  • Is this renter a risk to my other tenants or me?
  • Is this a right tenant for me?

Attract more renters

Move in renters faster

Go paperless

No manual data entry

Tenant background checks should be quick and simple for busy landlords like you

Just checking the applicant’s credit is not enough to see if this will be a good tenant.

You should also look at the renters’ criminal background check, eviction records, employment, and rental history to get the whole picture. Inforex Background Check will help you chose the right tenant quickly. No set-up fee, no contract, no monthly and no hidden fee. You only pay per report when you need it, or have the applicant pay for it.

Avoid high-risk tenants and protect your investments with Inforex’s User Friendly Platform and Simple 3-Step Process:

Rental Application Step1

Start with Online Rental Application

  • Accept rental application online 24/7
  • Collect background check fee online
  • Save time by saying goodbye to data entry
  • Increase applicant flow with rental application
  • Fill rental vacancies fast
  • Stay competitive in today’s market
  • Free of charge to you and your applicants

Make it easy and convenient for your renters to fill out a rental application anytime from anywhere, plus upload additional documents as needed.

Tenant Screening Step2

Proceed with Tenant Background Check

  • Quick and mistake-free background check reports
  • Reliable criminal background check reports
  • Thorough tenant check
  • Prompt rental applicant screening
  • Compliance with automated disclosures and adverse action notices
  • No monthly fees, no hidden fees, no contract

Criminal Records

  • Nationwide Criminal Search with Alias
  • Sex Offender Registry
  • County Criminal Records Search


  • Employment Verification
  • Resident Verification
  • Real Estate Ownership Verification
  • SSN Trace with Alias

Financial Records

  • Credit Report
  • Bankruptcy Report
  • Liens and Judgements

Additional Searches

  • National Eviction
  • Global Watch List
  • Driving Records
  • Tenant Scorecard
Lease Documents Step3

Accept and Sign Lease Agreement

  • Send lease agreement anytime and anywhere
  • Store rental lease and addendums online
  • Secure portal for document upload
  • Huge convenience, electronic documents and e-signatures
  • No data entry – information is pre-populated
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Free to you and your applicants

Tired of filling out the rental lease by hand?

We will reconfigure your existing lease agreement into an online format. Pre-fill every form, eliminate typos and calculate prorates.

Select from flexible packages and pricing to meet your business needs. Take a look at some of our tenant screening example packages:

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